About Donna

Donna lives in Hanna, Alberta with her husband Paul. Hanna’s history evolved around the railroad and the little town is striving to preserve this past.

Donna is a self-taught artist, specializing in realism art renderings. She uses acrylic or oils, pencil and charcoal or paints onto unusual surfaces such as cream cans, saw blades, rocks, stucco and more. Donna has completed several murals in Hanna and Delia, using exterior acrylic and UV varnish to preserve these murals for several years. 

Much of Donna’s work is designing and completing commissions, recreating customers’ wishes onto a variety of surfaces. Donna enjoys working with her clients to develop a commission that is unique piece of art or a gift for a loved one. Prices are reasonable. 

Below is a crop of a picture completed for a very happy customer.

How to Order from Donna’s Website

To purchase an original painting or commission please contact Donna Brink personally through her contact page or phone directly 403-857-9256(leave a message) All the original paintings have prices shown in the Gallery section. 

Shipping fees will vary depending on the piece of art being purchased and added to the final price. Donna will let her client know the shipping price before the sale is finalized. GST is added to all sales. 

Donna will accept a certified cheque VISA or Master card 


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